About Us
Gold Connection was established by Anthony Poz in the year 1983. His passion for jewelry began as early as a young boy growing up in Philadelphia. Following his graduation from High School Anthony took his first steps into an envisioned dream by working in the Jewelry industry as an employee. Anthony then enrolled himself in a jewelry design school developing remarkable skills and talents as a young adult. By the age of twenty two Anthony opened a small store in New Jersey and in no time began designing for a number of jewelry brands and private clients. Engagement Rings Atlanta

Mr. Poz’s accomplishments in the Jewelry Industry, stretching back some twenty years, were admired by a large audience in New Jersey. Anthony gradually gained
Clientele and managed to be considered as one of the top jewelers in New York/New Jersey area. After designing many unique diamond collections ranging from
Pendants and Pinky rings to Bracelets and Earrings, he decided to raise the stakes and enter in new territory. Anthony’s new design was highly inspired by the strong competition and lifestyles of many of his clients. The World Timer was designed with careful thought and precise consideration. The Design offers
easy functionality and an exclusive ability to change its appearance. This unique time piece features a main dial set to local time and four smaller dials showing four different time zones including time in New York, Rio, Paris and Beijing.

Mr. Poz’s World Timer has a wide range of designs including Stainless Steel, Gold and Platinum. Anthony is currently working on his Rose Gold collection to further accommodate the taste diversity of his clients. Each watch features a Stainless Steel bezel or can be replaced with a 3.25 carats diamond bezel. Also included are multi colored watch bands. More importantly there are no tools required for Gold Connection, so the bands can be replaced with ease.
World Timer can adapt to your fashion needs or just simply your mood. Locksmith Atlanta

A few famous Rappers and Athletes as well as actors are presently wearing the World Timer.
A standout in the industry, Anthony Poz’s creativity and intuition on the new and distinct design of the World Timer Is the benchmark that set him apart from his counterparts.